CGEF 2017 Conference Testimonials

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Thanks again for a terrific couple days at CGEF. I really enjoyed the presentations and it will help our company moving forward.
— SA, P.Eng
Hi Curtis, wanted to express my appreciation for your leadership. The CGEF was remarkably well organized and so fast moving. I made a number of contacts but more importantly it stimulated idea flow. Your presentations were certainly positive, gave a stellar impression and made me proud.
— Todd Knight PGeoph President, OilFinders Inc.
I really enjoyed the sessions I attended and thought that the overall quality of every speaker was very good. Congratulations to you and your colleagues for spearheading an excellent conference.
— RB, Calgary.
...We honestly found this show to be a great success for us and a great way for us to showcase our products to a wide audience and more importantly to a high calibre of people.
— JM, Calgary
very professional conference
Excellent speakers
Good choice of talks
Good value for the money
focus on business was much appreciated
Adele, gentlemen,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for a superbly organized conference. I learned a lot from all the speakers, and I will be working on the leads and connections made for a long time to come.  

In particular, I wanted to thank you for the Clean Tech corner that was running on the side. I wanted you to know that we have started discussions with four of the companies that were there, all of which I think bring real innovation into the market. There companies are LCO Tech, Oil-Out, Zen Earth, and ClearPower. Really great choices!!

Thanks again. All the best to all CGEF staff and volunteers,” (Mazen Salhi, P.Eng., CFSP, M.Sc.E.E.

Managing Director, Rosetta Engineering Limited, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
The topic variety was very good at the CGEF 2017 Conference: Finance, Business Trends, Legal & Deal Making, Existing Projects/Basins and Potential Projects/Basins, Countries seeking Investment & Clean Technology.

The Clean Technology really intrigued me.  It’s not a topic often spoken about within a Geologic or Exploration Forum; however it is one that does need to be addressed.  Getting speakers from different parts of the industry (producing companies and service companies) and from government was very good.  This section might have needed more time for questions from the audience.  Maggie Hanna did a great job on the section as well as having prepared questions.  I think we ran out of time for audience questions on this module. 

I think the clean Technology section needs continued future focus in our industry, and it would be worthwhile to bring that section back for future conferences.  Topics like the latest updates on technology, industry changes and government alignment with the industry.  Having vendors there was also helpful to see what is available for some existing clean technology aspects. 

Overall speakers across the board were very good.

I learned a great deal in the 2 days; particularly things around the Finance & Business environment – where the investment money is, various markets & creative Financing. Also what the present exploration trend is- not too Deep in the offshore and focus on sweet spots, less risk & results in shorter term goals.

Lunch Speaker Howard Dean was very good, and probably could have used a bit more time.  Unfortunately, I was not there for the lunch panel speakers on Thursday.

Only one section really went over on time, so a good job on keeping speakers to their allotted time.   The breaks almost seemed too short, even though one would think 30 minutes would be enough time.  Perhaps speakers are not really required during the lunch period for both days as people seemed focused on networking during that time, as well as during coffee breaks.  It was a very full 2 days, so perhaps 1 lunch speaker would be adequate. 

Overall, I very much enjoyed the session.  Great value for the money re learning.  Great networking opportunities or time for further follow up with speakers with the daily cocktail receptions, lunch hours and coffee breaks.  Choices for breakfast & lunch food were awesome.

TD, Calgary, Alberta

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2017 CGEF Conference