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Baker Hughes Transfers Stock Exchange Listing

28 October 2021, 5:30pm
Baker Hughes expects to commence trading as a Nasdaq-listed company on market open on December 7 of this year.
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BOEM calls for public input on potential Cook Inlet lease sale

28 October 2021, 2:40pm
BOEM will be seeking public input regarding a revised draft EIS, analysing the possible environmental impacts of a potential oil and gas lease sale in the Cook Inlet area, off Alaska. The post BOEM... ...
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Shell CEO Defends Against Loeb Bid to Split Company

28 October 2021, 2:23pm
On Wednesday, Loeb's Third Point Capital LLC said it had amassed a sizable stake in Shell and would push to break up the company.
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Var Energi Shareholders Initiating Ownership Review

28 October 2021, 1:44pm
Var Energi is a full cycle exploration and production company which was established in 2018.
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Chariot partners with mystery group for gas project offshore Morocco

28 October 2021, 1:02pm
Chariot has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with an undisclosed energy group to unlock the Anchois gas development potential, offshore Morocco. The post Chariot partners with mystery... ...
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Petrobras Starts Bidding Phase For Sale Of Urugua And Tambau Fields

28 October 2021, 12:45pm
Petrobras has started the bidding phase for the sale of the Uruguá and Tambaú fields located in the Santos Basin offshore Brazil.
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Shell Generates Record Cash Flow in 3Q

28 October 2021, 12:39pm
The figure was supported by 'outstanding' cash generation across the businesses and 'boosted' by commodity derivatives.
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Two nuclear power plants in northern Illinois reversed plans to retire early

28 October 2021, 12:00pm
Exelon, the owner-operator of Illinois's six nuclear power plants, recently announced that the Byron and Dresden nuclear plants will continue operating rather than retire this fall as previously planned. The announcement came after the Illinois state legislature and governor approved a clean energy bill supporting carbon-free energy resources.
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PSA follows up on Equinor’s Johan Castberg development

28 October 2021, 11:57am
The PSA, Norway’s offshore safety watchdog, has confirmed Equinor will not get consent for Johan Castberg until the operator corrects all nonconformities. The post PSA follows up on Equinor’s Johan... ...
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USA Gulf Coast Oil Supply Pile Up Only Temporary

28 October 2021, 11:20am
Supplies have surged by nearly 20 million barrels so far in October, the most for this month in at least a decade.
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Orcadian Energy seeking FPSO for North Sea oilfield development

28 October 2021, 10:46am
Orcadian has received three expressions of interest for the provision of an FPSO vessel for the Pilot development in the North Sea. The post Orcadian Energy seeking FPSO for North Sea oilfield... ...
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Exxon Liza Unity FPSO Arrives In Guyana

28 October 2021, 10:14am
ExxonMobil’s Liza Unity FPSO vessel has arrived at the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana.
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Lamprell taps banks for $45 million loan to build two jack-ups

28 October 2021, 9:37am
Lamprell has signed a $45 million revolving trade loan facility with two banks to cover the costs for the building of two IMI jack-up rigs. The post Lamprell taps banks for $45 million loan to build... ...
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TotalEnergies Profit Jumps More Than Expected

28 October 2021, 9:36am
While an energy supply crunch is wreaking havoc on Europe's economy, it's lifting the earnings of major producers to multiyear highs.
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PetroRio Extends Cluster Life With Production Start From New Well

28 October 2021, 8:53am
PetroRio started production from one more well on the Tubarão Martelo field off Brazil in an attempt to extend the life of the cluster.
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Shell vows to halve scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030

28 October 2021, 8:47am
Shell has set a new target to reduce its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50 per cent compared to 2016 levels by 2030, regardless of the outcome of its appeal against the Dutch Court’s ruling. The post... ...
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Seadrill Reorganization Plan Approved, Bankruptcy Exit On Horizon

28 October 2021, 8:24am
Seadrill has been given the OK for its reorganization plan from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and is now on track to exit bankruptcy.
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OGA Updates on $1MM+ Decarbonization Competition

28 October 2021, 8:00am
Winners to be awarded a share of the fund are scheduled to be announced in early December.
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Petrobras inviting bids for Santos Basin assets

28 October 2021, 7:35am
Petrobras has announced the start of a bidding phase for the sale of the Uruguá and Tambaú fields located in the Santos Basin offshore Brazil. The post Petrobras inviting bids for Santos Basin... ...
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Havila divests Maersk Drilling of rig for $373M in eagerly anticipated sale

28 October 2021, 6:44am
Maersk Drilling has sold one of its jack-up rigs - Mærsk Inspirer (now named Inspirer) - to Havila Sirius for a price of $373 million. The post Havila divests Maersk Drilling of rig for $373M in... ...
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Oil Drops On Iran and EU Announcement

27 October 2021, 8:43pm
Oil futures dropped Wednesday as Iran announced agreement to resume negotiations with EU and U.S. oil inventories rose.
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China Gas Stations Ration Diesel

27 October 2021, 7:08pm
Long lines of vehicles are snaking from pump stations across Guangxi and Anhui province in east and southwest China.
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LIVE BLOG: Offshore Energy and Navingo Career 2021 events

27 October 2021, 5:20pm
Aaaaaaand scene! The 14th Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is in the books and, […] The post LIVE BLOG: Offshore Energy and Navingo Career 2021 events appeared first on Offshore... ...
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DOE Sets Up $Multimillion Direct Air Capture Fund

27 October 2021, 5:01pm
This funding opportunity announcement will facilitate engineering studies of advanced DAC systems capable of removing 5,000 tons of CO2 per year from the air.
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Talk show: It’s quite busy on the energy transition dance floor

27 October 2021, 4:40pm
The second day of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference closed with a lively discussion about crucial issues in the offshore energy sector. The post Talk show: It’s quite busy on the energy... ...
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Iran Blames Foreign Country for Gas Station Cyberattack

27 October 2021, 2:22pm
Iran's been a frequent target of cyberattacks since its nuclear program became a flashpoint in its relations with the West more than a decade ago.
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ADNOC in Landmark Clean Energy Partnership

27 October 2021, 1:46pm
The collaboration is said to be the largest of its kind in the oil and gas industry.
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Repsol Brings Yme Online

27 October 2021, 12:59pm
The company said the achievement of first oil was a true testament to the lean operations of the Yme New Development project.
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Exxon Supports Global Methane Reduction Pledge

27 October 2021, 12:39pm
ExxonMobil has decided to support an initiative to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent below 2020 levels by 2030.
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U.S. consumers expected to spend more for heating oil this upcoming winter

27 October 2021, 12:00pm
In our latest Winter Fuels Outlook, we expect higher heating oil prices and a slightly colder winter compared with last year will contribute to households across the United States spending more on heating this winter (October–March) compared with the past two winters.
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South Africa Energy Fund Mulls Buying Sapref Refinery

27 October 2021, 11:27am
The state-owned Central Energy Fund, which manages the country's energy assets, is looking at acquiring the 180,000-barrel-a-day plant.
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Equinor Boosts Gas Exports

27 October 2021, 9:20am
The Norwegian giant has halted the re-injection of gas that had been used to boost oil output at the Gina Krog field, and will export the fuel instead.
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EIA projects global conventional vehicle fleet will peak in 2038

26 October 2021, 12:00pm
In our International Energy Outlook 2021, we estimate the global light-duty vehicle (LDV) fleet contained 1.31 billion vehicles in 2020, and we project this fleet will grow to 2.21 billion vehicles by 2050. We project electric vehicles (EVs)—any LDV with a charging plug—will grow from 0.7% of the global LDV fleet in 2020 to 31% in 2050, reaching 672 million vehicles. Significant growth in EV sales and shares of sales through the projection period results in the global conventional gasoline and diesel LDV fleet peaking in 2038.
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EIA forecasts U.S. winter natural gas bills will be 30% higher than last winter

25 October 2021, 12:00pm
In our latest Winter Fuels Outlook, we forecast that U.S. households that primarily use natural gas for space heating will spend an average of $746 on heating this winter (October–March), which is $172, or 30%, more than last year.
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U.S. consumers likely to pay more for propane heating during the upcoming winter

22 October 2021, 12:00pm
In our October Winter Fuels Outlook, we expect U.S. households that primarily heat with propane will spend more this heating season (October through March) than during the past several winters because of higher propane prices and slightly colder temperatures compared with last winter.
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