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CGEF has been created for the benefit of Canadian companies operating in the international and domestic oil and gas business. For an insignificant membership fee, your Company's support is instrumental in maintaining a cohesive network of oil and gas companies. These Scouting networks exist around the world in the energy industry. Your support of this organization in Canada is both needed and appreciated.

CGEF is the only registered Canadian organization that serves and promotes Canadian-based International oil and gas E&P. CGEF members meet every 2nd month for lunch talks/networking and once annually for a 2 day international conference in Calgary (in October). Membership is restricted to E&P companies only.

Network: CGEF helps establish and extend business & government networks and liaisons. CGEF members network with fellow internationally-focused Canadian petroleum companies.

Government Connections: CGEF facilitates contact with Canadian federal and provincial governments. CGEF provides a platform to learn who and how to contact Canadian overseas diplomats/embassies in or near all foreign countries and how to seek assistance if hosting foreign delegations to showcase Canadian government oil & gas regulatory/ fiscal frameworks and technologies.

International Focus: CGEF members get access to first-hand information on international petroleum activities via presentations by E&P companies, service companies, financial institutions, investment banks, law firms, global energy consultants, and guest speakers.

Foreign Delegations: CGEF members are contacted proactively to meet host governments when they visit Calgary for bid round presentations and for other foreign delegation visits.

Promote: CGEF members have opportunities to promote their companies to North American institutions (financiers, banks, governments, legal) resulting in:

  • increased deal flow, exposure to opportunities, technology
  • reduced costs (share data, rig slots, less travel etc.)
  • exposure to resources to support, represent, and execute E&P activities

One stop shop: CGEF is emerging as a 'one stop shopping' contact point for foreign companies, governments or organizations wishing to meet potential partners, investors, clients and services for international E&P.

Access: CGEF members can access CGEF's existing and future relationships with foreign governments, foreign NOC's, worldwide industry organizations, research institutions, and societies (e.g., AIPN, AAPG, PESGB, CSPG, CSUR, SEG, SPE, etc.)

Conference: CGEF's annual conference provides a great opportunity for establishing and deepening international contacts

Company Promotion: CGEF provides a platform from which members can promote their companies to international audiences resulting in increased opportunities to attract capital, projects, personnel, or other resources.

Building a Canadian reputation: CGEF works to expand international awareness of Calgary and Canada's reputation for solid business culture, reputation, and ethical practices; CGEF members contribute to establishing & growing Calgary as a strong international oil & gas hub.

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